2019 Porsche GT3RS

Renn Sport...or, in English if you will, Racing Sport. Beginning in 1957 the letters “RS” have graced the flanks of the some of the greatest racing and road-going cars in the world. The 718RSK of 1957, the RS60/61 of 1960 and ‘61, and the 1972 911 2.7RS. These cars built the reputation and mystique, but; in 2000 the GT3 was introduced. The GT3 took lessons learned on track, and distilled the experience for on-road manners. Not until 2003 did the GT3 earn its “RS” stripes, quite literally as those cars were adorned with the now familiar script and stripes along the rocker panels. Adding stripes, and a script is not exactly the whole story, though. GT3RS cars have always taken the proven GT3 underpinnings, and added through a certain amount of subtraction. More power, more downforce, less weight. Add the Weissach package to the already lightened GT3RS and subtract 13 pounds. Add the Magnesium wheel option, and subtract an additional 25 pounds. Sound basic? It’s not. Weissach package cars gain weight loss by adding carbon fiber anti-roll bars in place of steel, a carbon fiber roof in place of magnesium, and carbon fiber shift paddles in place of aluminum.

How does this equation of adding and subtracting work out? Well, 514 horsepower and 346 ft.lbs of torque. 9000 rpm redline. Ultra-fast shifting PDK gearbox, and a sprint to 60 mph in 3 seconds flat. Those pounds shed show themselves on the track, with a 6:56.4 lap of the famed Nurburgring. 

This car, showing only 1,500 miles and in a purist’s build spec, is the perfect partner for your next track day or spirited drive. Painted in GT silver with a black interior, BOSE sound system, front axle lift system, Weissach package, magnesium wheels, and Porsche carbon ceramic brakes make for the ultimate GT3RS. Without extraneous options that do not contribute to the driving experience, this “RS” is the embodiment of Renn Sport.     

1,500 miles

4.0L Flat-6 engine

PDK gearbox

Equipped with Weissach Package

Magnesium wheels

Axle lift system

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes

BOSE Surround Sound System



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