1960 Land Rover Series II SWB

Born in the aftermath of WWII, and conceived by the Rover company in England, Land Rover production began in 1948. Originally conceived as a light agricultural vehicle, with utilitarian on-road capability, Land Rovers were an immediate hit in rural England. The earliest Series I Land Rovers had an emphasis on agriculture. For the redesigned Series II however, the designers intended to build the ultimate expedition and military vehicle. The Series II was designed to operate in remote, dangerous locations where a vehicle break down could cost lives. The truck was designed so many repairs could be made in the field. It is said that an engine could be torn down, and rebuilt without ever removing it from the chassis. A rear main seal can be changed without removing the engine or transmission!

The 2.25 liter 4-cylinder engine produces 70bhp @ 4,250 rpm, and 124 lb/ft. of torque @ 2,500 rpm. This torque, coupled with the low gearing in the differentials and transmission, along with an unheard of tight turning radius make the Series an unparalleled companion in the bush. 

Whether you are looking for a summer time companion to get a morning cup of coffee, take seven of your closest friends to the beach, or brave the snow for milk and bread; this Series II will not disappoint! Drive a legend, because life is more fun in a classic...


64,500 miles

Military Green over black with tan cloth top

2.25 Liter I-4 

4-Speed manual transmission

Upgraded with full military kit. Runs like an absolute champ! Conquers all terrain with ease, the perfect beach cruiser...

VIN: 141003837



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